Dear @realDonaldTrump

Dear @realDonaldTrump,

The bleaching of corals did not begin by pouring Clorox into the ocean.
Greenhouse gases aren’t emitted into the atmosphere by opening nursery windows.
Glaciers aren’t melting because someone left their heater on.

Climate change is not a hoax designed to make scientists rich.
If it were, kids in the ghetto wouldn’t have asthma.

Climate change won’t just go away.
If we continue business as usual, we will destroy ourselves.

Climate change doesn’t care about money.
If it did, we could pay it to go away.

Forests burning.
——Cities flooding.
————Hurricanes thrashing.
——————Tornadoes swirling.
————————Earthquakes shaking.
——————————Monsoons menacing.
————————————Ice caps melting.
——————————————Sea levels rising.
————————————————Corals whitening.
——————————————————Deserts growing.
————————————————————Climate changing.

Climate change this rapid is man-made.
With 97% of scientists agreeing, where is the argument?

Climate change is currently the biggest threat to humankind.
But what about ISIS?

Climate change hurts everyone it touches.
But the President of the United States is doing just fine.

The bleaching of corals begun with ocean acidification caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Large levels of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere through human innovations.
Glaciers are melting because the earth’s temperature is rising.

I’m concerned, aren’t you?

Yours truly,

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