From the Poet:
“I wrote this poem in support of DACA students and their symbol of migration—the monarch butterfly. The monarch is more than just a beautiful being; it embodies the dignity and resilience of migrants.”


I feel the sudden wintry air
It is time for me to go elsewhere
I dwell upon a dewy lilac
I seek solace as I draw back
My wings begin to faintly beat
The storm within is bittersweet
Miles and miles of uncertainty ahead
But I feel the courage in me spread
It feeds a fire in my heart
As the trepidation falls apart

The wind nudges me kindly
I take its guidance blindly
It knows the uncharted course
For the wind is its source
Initially, the fear was all-consuming
But the beauty of it is now blooming
There are wondrous places to roam
In this green and blue shaped dome
I hear the glorious wind cry
“Make way for this butterfly!”

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