Photography by Mikko Mananghaya

“I chose to explore the nature of human vulnerability through a series of portraits. The relationship between subject and photographer is in itself an intimate process, which I wanted to showcase. I used one main light source in the photos to emulate the idea of feeling vulnerable, having your life exposed by a spotlight. I also wanted to use a setting where people go to privately. Being vulnerable is not a weakness, it’s part of human nature; we should all practice intimacy and embracing that vulnerability to
truly connect with our humanity.”

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Photographer Statement:
I use photography as a form of self expression. I take pictures not for other people but for myself, to find the truth in my reality and express how I see the world. Photography is all about the present, capturing that moment in time and freezing it in a single photo; I use photography as a type of visual meditation to focus on a single moment in the present, to stay grounded and aware of my own surroundings. Photography gives me a chance to explore a new world, interact with people I would otherwise never meet, and give my memories a visual and tangible form. My camera is never searching for a photo, but rather waiting for moments to reveal themselves. I want my photos to reflect honest and real human nature. My influence in photography comes from artists such as Alex Webb, Martin Parr and other Magnum Photographers. Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the term ‘decisive moment’ – an ephemeral or spontaneous composition perfectly captured by the photographer. To me, the decisive moment is a moment of harmony, a beautiful relationship between subject and photographer lasting for only that single moment in the present; It is that ‘decisive moment’ that draws me to the art of photography.

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