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Will your Silence protect you?

It’s not that I am afraid, it’s that I am not sure what I have to say is of...

Anatomy-inspired artist shares talent

Laurel Doyle, a third year California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) visual performing arts (VPA) student has an interesting...

I Just Needed A Day

A long commitment A short commitment Love-hate relationship Physical, mental, virtual Just one day Who to blame Is it virtual Is it reality Is it invisible What about...

In Loving Memory

We can learn from the past era Yet we cannot dwell in the past life We wish to relive the past...


And despite the darkness she has risen Above the dust and shackles of steel She realized she was her own prison She...

Cartoon #9

Enjoy this week's cartoon by Madi Rapella.

Cartoon #8

Enjoy this week's cartoon by Madi Rapella.

Cartoon #7

Enjoy this week's cartoon by Madi Rapella.


Continue reading from the print version of Issue 9... —June had just gotten home from high school to find her...

Cartoon #6

Enjoy this week's cartoon, Cartoon #6, by Madi Rapella.


You don’t know how long you’ve been here, but you know that it’s been a long time. The days all...

Questions & Arachnids

When I think about fear, I think of my irrational fear of spiders If fear is the natural reaction to...

The Crag (?? – 2018)

Crag—A small cliff, or the term for a climbing area. The crag holds a special place in my heart and...

The Human Vaccuum

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "The Human Vaccuum" by Madi Rapella.

The Faux Chef

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "The Faux Chef" by Madi Rapella.

Monterey Weather

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "Monterey Weather," created by Madi Rapella.

Mount Vesuvius

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "Mount Vesuvius," created by Madi Rapella.

Photos by Nancy Smith

Author Biography As you can tell, I mostly enjoy taking photos involving nature. I love going to new places and...

No Parking

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "No Parking," created by Madi Rapella.