Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Ruth Bader Ginsberg. (Photo/ WFU Law School via Flickr)
Alice stood in form 
Against the fabric of her being
A three-syllabled stitch repurposing her body as one with the clade
“I dissent”
She stood firmly for the moment in category
Crowning herself in the definition overhead
A bittersweet extension through geography and time
Her newly woven sentiment stretching across demographic, age
In and out of every moment a new babe ever opened their eyes
“I dissent”
The image pressed firmly
With an elusive momentum 
And with it, she
felt both 
bolded and brazed by collective sentiment
Resistance: heavy and worn from its generational strain 
“I dissent”
In 3 syllables
The chorus strikes
 an idiomatic pitch
Rolling and receding 
Without origin or end
Ringing against oppression 
with convicting subtlety
"I dissent"
Blending the lines between the individual and the whole 
“I dissent”
A lighted contradiction 
Like a parlous pointed finger
Exposing the outgroup 
As its insatiably seeks to fill 
The empty space of shape 
The bowls integrity falling flat
"I dissent"
She wondered 
Might something so integrous be made so egregious?
“I dissent”
Just how forceful can the opposition be made before it snaps?
“I dissent”
Where are the lines of freedom drawn?
For who?
From whom?
“I dissent”
An echoed crusade as the notorious fell silent
The batons passage falls from whence it came
in the hands that formed its legacy
"We dissent"

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