Busy Over Break

Dear Abby,

I live in East Campus and my roommate is graduating early, this means that over winter break, a new person – who I don’t know – will be moving into our apartment. Unfortunately, I’ll be on vacation over break and have no idea when, or who, is moving in. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,
Busy Over Break


Dear Busy Over Break,

Yikes! That sounds like quite the ordeal. Let me just start with, it’s totally okay to get a new roommate. I know that sometimes it is scary to get a new roommate, especially when you don’t have the time to get to know them ahead of move in. However, I suggest that you make the best of it and start off on the right foot! If you are worried about not being able to get in contact with your roommate before they move in, don’t be afraid to leave them a note with your contact information and a short message. It is a nice sentiment and can make a great first impression in your honor. I wish you the best of luck, have a great break!

–Dearest Abby

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