The Crag (?? – 2018)

Crag—A small cliff, or the term for a climbing area.

The crag holds a special place in my heart and in the heart of many climbers at California State University, Monterey Bay. It was a handball wall made into a rock wall with pieces of granite and rock placed onto it. Sadly, the wall was torn down this past summer. I don’t really know the origins of this wall, but from what I heard it was built for training on the military base, or it was built by an old climbing club on campus. Whatever the origins of the wall, it still stands in our memories as the crag.

Here are some statements my friends and fellow climbers have to share about the wall.

Remick Letcher: “The crag cut deep, it drew blood, but what more? It drew out the passion and hearts of a bunch of dudes trying to get a break from all the ‘boggity doggity’ of life, from all the hullabaloo of life. The crag rode hard, it was nothing but full send and big smiles. Rest in peace.”

Nick Gonzales: “It was sick dawg, yeah.”

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