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Clubbing at CSUMB

Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent each year in Monterey county and elsewhere by individuals interested in developing their professional development and career options. They went to school, they studied, they paid attention to erudite instructors who shared golden nuggets of knowledge and secrets to success in and out of their particular field of expertise. But upon leaving the marbled halls of education, reality strikes. It becomes obvious that the network circle of influence needs to be strengthened and enlarged, or in some cases, established. Especially if a goal is lifelong learning, one realizes that personal traits and skills need to be honed if one is to be more effective and marketable.

Networking, which can be divided into three types: operational (day-to-day professional relationships), personal (needed when one is meeting major challenges) and strategic (focus is on a specific benefit) – takes time and commitment. And it is not a question of quantity – such as how many Twitter followers one might have – but rather, the quality and sustainability of relationships. It has been said that networking is both an art and a science, but it should also be enjoyable. This is especially true when one realizes each person is unique with valuable gifts and talents to contribute.

A great networking resource exists here at CSUMB, no need to spend thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles. “There is a wide range of clubs on campus whose focus is professional development and networking,” states Allegra ChristianScher, Secretary of the Inter-Club Council (ICC). The ICC is a student subsidiary organization of the Associated Students responsible for the oversight and governance of Inter-Club Council clubs. Its mission is to create and support club based activities and events that enrich the campus life experience of the students, faculty and staff.

These professional networking clubs have a direct link and often sponsorship with their regional and national parent organizations that not only host internships and special trainings, workshops, and conventions, but also scholarships and employment billboards in their specialized fields.

In addition to those shared in the last issue of The Lutrinae, the following clubs include professional development and networking in their mission statement posted on their CSUMB webpages:

Agribusiness Club

The purpose of the club is to expose its members to agriculture knowledge and opportunities, while helping and educating the community about the role of agriculture in society and business.

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society enhances student life through professionalism, integrity and character.

Business Club

The mission of Business Club is to cultivate a strong sense of community, meaningful leadership skills and powerful career expertise though extracurricular opportunities outside of the classroom.

California Land Surveyors Association

The mission of the CSUMB CLSA Student Chapter is to advance ethical, accurate and precise geospatial science in service to student growth, community needs and the land surveying profession.

Master of Social Work Student Association

The mission and purpose of the club is to foster a support system for incoming and ongoing MSW students. This support system will allow students to get involved in student leadership, elections, democracy, networking with other MSW groups, and participation in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). The NASW provides activities for students to advocate for social and economic justice.

Networking & Professional Development Club

The club is designed to allow students to share their professional observations with their colleagues to enhance the learning experience, as well as members to meet new people and grow their personal and professional network.


Ottermedia is the streaming radio station at CSUMB. This semester, students broadcast live via the internet, as well as the CSUMB TV channel 71.2 Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

Psychology Club

The club meets weekly to discuss events on campus, community service, fundraising and relevant current events within the psychology community. Guest speakers and outings are scheduled to enhance members knowledge of the local psychology community, as well as information about graduate schools.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The mission of the club is to prepare students who are interested in a career with animal medicine, network with like-minded individuals and connect with the professional veterinary community.


This club is sponsored by Rotary International, the world’s largest service organization with 1.2 million members worldwide and a premier networking platform. Rotaract is designed for young men and women ages 18-30 and has a strong international presence with more than 8,400 Rotaract clubs in 170 countries.

Student Association of School Psychology (SASP)

The mission of SASP is to provide a venue for school psychology graduate students to discuss professional and academic issues, increase communication and leadership development, and support mentorship and training in the field of school psychology.

Student California Teachers Association (SCTA)

The club is for future educators and those interested in issues in education. The mission is to offer tools necessary to foster interest in the education profession by providing pre-professionals information about their rights, responsibilities and vital support systems necessary to become a committed part of the education profession.

Women in Mathematics

The mission of the club is to empower members in the field of Mathematics while promoting equal opportunity in higher education with information about professional opportunities and employment.

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