CSUMB Soccer recap

On Friday, Sept. 21 California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and California State University, Chico went head to head in a vigorous and intense soccer games. Despite CSUMB’s best efforts, it ended with the CSUMB women’s soccer team losing 0-1 and the CSUMB men’s soccer team losing 1-2.

During the men’s soccer game, CSUMB scored in the second quarter with 18 minutes left from an assist from Julio Varela. Varela passed the ball to Antonio Ordoñez who then made the goal.

It seemed as if CSUMB would emerge victorious in the match as a ten second countdown began. However within those seconds, Chico State managed to get in a final shot which went into the net with no time remaining on the clock. The game advanced into overtime, in which Chico State managed to score the final goal with four minutes of overtime remaining, ending the game.

During CSUMB’s women’s soccer game, Chico State scored 27 minutes in. No more goals were scored during the remainder of the game, which resulted in Chico State winning 1-0.

However, both teams won their game against Stanislas on Sunday, Sept. 23, in the afternoon.

Male soccer player, Ardian Ortiz scored the first goal by doing a bicycle kick off of a rebound with 28 minutes left in the second half. Stanislas State was able to quickly respond by scoring a goal into the bottom left corner with 17 minutes remaining, making the game tied 1-1. CSUMB was granted a penalty kick and Walmer Martinez made the goal ending the game 2-1.

For the women’s soccer team, Brooke Tafoya was able to make the first and only goal from an assist by Allexxis Hand within the first five minutes of the game starting.

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