How to beat the post-Spring Break slump

Do you remember when you were a Senior in High school and people talked about Senioritis? And how in anticipation of graduation people didn’t want to do anything? Yeah. Senioritis is nothing compared to after Spring Break. It’s the week where school doesn’t matter, students can go home and see their families, and you party your problems away rather than focusing on school. It makes you believe that Summer is here and you’re done with school—until you’re slapped with reality of university a week later.

Not only do you probably have a million plans for the Summer break already, but I’m sure your classes have started to get annoying as well. I mean, how do professors think it’s okay to assign you homework over break and have it due the second you return to school. Hello, we were on a break! On top of that, It’s that time of the semester where parties start to happen a little too close together because people are just ready to be done with school. I mean how are these party animals even able to party with all these assignments thrown at them?!

But we all need to slow down. We’re not at the point of laying down on the beach quite yet. Five weeks until finals creep up on us.

Oh yeah. That’s right. We all still have finals to take. Great… So I have put together a small list of all the things that can help you and your friends get through the rest of this semester:

  1. Taping your eyelids to your face when you feel like falling asleep to the tune of your professor’s voice…This can really help to keep you awake when you are in those classes that seem to keep dragging on… and on… and on…. zzzzzz.
  2. Watching a lot of Facebook videos. When all of your assignments start to pile up and they all happen to be due tomorrow morning, getting lost in Facebook videos about cute dogs is always a great way to stay motivated—until you cry because that assignment, due at midnight is still not done.
  3. Going out drinking with your friends on a Tuesday night. It’s always fun and the hangover you get will be a great way to help you pay extra attention in your 8AM on Wednesday.
  4. Binge watch something on Netflix. When you really have a lot of finals to start studying for and you just can’t wait to dig into all of the information that you have already forgotten, just turn on Netflix. I recommend “Santa Clarita Diet,” “Ozark,” “Fuller House,” and “Parks and Recreation.” If it wasn’t for “Law and Order SVU” I never would have found the motivation to study for my GWAR class last semester! Until the professor wondered why I was talking about SVU rather than the question she asked me…
  5. Non-stop drinking coffee. Whenever you feel your last drop of hope fading from your being it’s probably just because you need another cup of coffee. There are two coffee shops on campus and the great thing about that is there is always a long line to wait in no matter what time of day it is! The great thing about long lines is it helps you to study more while waiting for the coffee you ordered 20 minutes ago… Or wonder if unicorns really exist while dancing the “Macarena” in line because of the amount of caffeine that was consumed.

If you follow all of these amazing steps, you too can make it through the post-Spring break slump! Even if you’ve come back to university sick with a cold, like me, you’ve got this! Just chug a bunch of cold syrup and drag yourself to those boring ol’ classes anyways. Just five more weeks and you can be sipping piña coladas (or iced teas depending on your age) on the beach. Just keep studying, working hard, and don’t forget about your finals coming up in a few weeks! Stay motivated, Otters, and congratulations to the Class of 2018!

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