The Astronaut

From the Poet:
“I wrote this poem to metaphorically depict the possible feelings one may experience when they must turn the page to a new chapter in their life.”

The Astronaut

As the queen of ships I part the land I’ve known
I am encased in metal I call my throne

I am heading to the land of uncertainty
I block the deafening noise determinedly

My heart’s pulse utters against the cage
It doesn’t want me to turn the next page

“Hush, now” I whispered, “it will be okay”.
It needs to trust me for I wouldn’t lead it astray

I am catapulting into a new atmosphere
The end of familiarity is quite near

For now, the dark heavens are my allies
And the mocking stars are the spies

They witness a girl with a nervous heartbeat
And emerald eyes that are bittersweet

Around her, there’s a sheath of trepidation
But she knows this is her own creation

Her destination may be uncharted
But she knows she is lion-hearted

Commotion and chaos begin to walk to their grave
Making way for her voice that says “be brave”

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