Elastic Love

From the Author:
“This poem is dedicated to love—my inspiration in life. I wrote this poem to celebrate love and to depict the grandiosity of it. Love is beautiful, powerful, and all-consuming. It is why we are here.”

Elastic Love

It can bend and twist
It can stretch and pull

It can be tested by time
Who will thin it out
It can be abused by pain
Who will wear it out

But it will never fracture
For the threads that bind it together
Are built too well

Their love is the kind
That lights up the night sky
It is the kind that melts the stars
And lures the sun away from its rightful place
It is the kind that makes the moon envious
And the oceans a bit more wild
It is the kind that makes the trees murmur
And the flowers radiate warmth
It is the kind of love that rattles planets
And realigns constellations
At last I have found this love

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