Res Fest January 30

At this point you’ve probably seen quite a bit about something called “Reservation Days,”
whether it was in an email blast, on social media, or on a poster somewhere around campus, but you’re too busy to REALLY know what all the fuss is about, right?

So what exactly IS Reservation Days? For you uninitiated Freshmen (and you upperclass students that might need a bit of a refresher course) Reservation Days is the period from the beginning of February to mid April where current students can reserve their spot on campus for the following year.

Now this may not sound like that big of a deal. It’s not as important as say, your next big exam, or that hottie that finally swiped right. It’s definitely not big enough to justify all of the emails and posters, or is it? Keep in mind, if you don’t participate in Reservation Days you won’t have a room on campus next year, and you’ll have to apply as if you were a new student.

Fear not! Student Housing will be hosting several Info sessions around campus, as well as a fun new event called Res Fest on January 30, where you can learn all about the Reservation Days process, play games, and participate in our roommate mixer. You’ll even have the chance to win prizes!

So pay attention to those emails and posters when you see them. Participate in one of the Area Council Open Houses, where you’ll have the chance to see rooms in different residence halls (there might even be free food!) You can also head to our website which is updated regularly with important information regarding all aspects of student housing and residential life.

In the end, we want to provide you with every opportunity to secure your room for next
year, and help ensure your academic success!

James Kimbrell

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