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Keep Valentine’s Day going with Verve’s new drinks

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Library Cafe has added three themed drinks to their menu: the Love Mocha, Cupid’s Smoothie...

Students worry about their future housing plans due to new roommate selection process

While Feb. 3 marked the opening for California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) students to start paying their reservation fee to...

Practicing self love on Valentine’s Day

Feb. 14 marks the highly criticized, yet deeply cherished holiday set aside to celebrate love. On that fateful day, many wait...


If everyone packed upPieces of their soulWrapped in tulips, andSealed with hope You’d find them in Seattle

CSUMB communities continue to build at the Otter Showcase

Dozens of student-run clubs spread across the Main Quad for CSUMB's semi-annual Otter Showca

CSUMB Speech & Debate Club is coming soon

CSUMB's upcoming Speech and Debate Club will be kicking off this February.