Navigate EdJoin, a one-stop shop for jobs in education

Human resource experts know that finding a job in the educational field can be overwhelming for some graduate and undergraduate students. 

That’s why many recommend using EdJoin, an online job site nationally used by education organizations to advertise open job positions.

On Feb. 8, Human Resource Coordinator Jasmine Alcones of the Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE) was featured in an information session hosted by the MAESTRO’s Project, where she discussed the ins and outs about navigating EdJoin.

Alcones recommends that applicants should first create a registration account before beginning the process. When researching or applying for a job, applicants should narrow down their search by using region search, an option that uses the state, region and school district to find specific postings. Advanced search can also be used, which includes an additional option to enter keywords and job types. When looking at posting details for a job, she advises checking for end dates and extended time frames. 

She wants applicants to know that educational organizations on EdJoin as well advertise for external positions through promotions or a change in work positions. Many of the postings will also require at least two to three letters of recommendation along with either official or unofficial transcripts.

Alcones made it known that there are jobs in the education field that don’t involve teaching, she highlights positions in human resources, payroll, and counseling as some examples. She concluded her presentation by letting the attendees know that there are many job postings available on EdJoin for graduate and undergraduate students to access, specifically at a local level. 

“There are plenty of opportunities out there in Monterey County, especially for students who are looking for positions with limited hours,” Alcones said. “You should look into it because our county definitely needs it.”

Region search example
Advanced search example

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