OSU Mug Cake Giveaway satisfies students’ sweet tooth

The Otter Kitchen at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) gave away mug cakes at the “Sweet Shop” station to the first 75 students on Oct. 20. Already before 5 p.m. hungry Otters were lining up outside the Dining Commons (DC) waiting for the mug cakes. Immediately as the doors opened, the students made a beeline for Sweet Shop to secure their mug and cake.

Alexandra Perez, marketing manager for Otter Kitchens, spoke about the event.

“We are doing it as a way to show appreciation towards the students, and get them excited for what we have to offer here at DC,” Perez said.

“We have about 75 mugs that the Otter Student Union graciously donated to us, and we have about another 75 cakes that are in paper cups,” Perez said. “So, in total, we made around 150 cakes.” 

Already after the first 30 minutes, the Sweet Shop had run out of mugs, but there was still some cake left which students were eager to test.

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